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Fact #1: Customers don't care about you.

They don't care about how hard you've worked on your offering.

They don't care how slick your product is.

And they don't care how long it took you to get that slick online shopping cart set up.

It's not that they're heartless people—they just don't have the time. And this is where almost every marketing campaign gets it wrong.

What do they care about? Read on to find out.

Fact #2: Video is king.

With Internet speeds way up, marketing videos have largely supplanted the written word in communicating with prospects. Even mobile-friendly sites are moving toward video instead of text.

If you're not up to speed on this, you can be sure that your competitors are.

Fact #3: Prospects trust their gut, not their brain.

The one thing that customers do care about? Solving their own problems. If you can make an emotionally-compelling marketing video that shows how you'll solve their problems, they'll fall all over themselves trying to buy from you.

That's where Doodle Ads can help you

How Do Doodle Ads Work?

Here at Doodle Ads, we hire professional cartoonists to animate your story and turn it into a doodle video that will get your prospects' attention.

These aren't just pretty little whiteboard animations—they actually work. We've spent years perfecting our visuals and language to make sure that your videos convert like crazy!

  • Grab people's attention with whiteboard animations and hold it on your page where it belongs
  • Appeal to visual learners with cartoons - a demographic that's usually ignored on the web
  • Explain your offering in seconds with friendly, easy-to-understand videos
  • Make an emotional appeal with a doodle ad that's more persuasive than a simple text page could ever be
  • Boost conversions instantly from moment your video goes live

Stories From Our Clients

Dave Stickland

Our business of retail branding and store design is very visual, so we decided that using a cartoon video would really make us stand out - add something different. The video uses our Store guru character and the Doodle Ads team were able to bring him to life. Our potential clients see something different which peaks their interest in us a business.

Dave Stickland, Store Guru
Chris Porcas

I wasn't sure how to make my home page different - so I opted for a doodle ad. The team there got my story from me - my marketing message - and produced a fantastic video that encapsulated all we do in a short burst of creative information. The whole process was painless and delivered to me in a short space of time! It now sits in the middle of my home page - and we have noted a substantial increase in the number of phone calls from our website and also a greater understanding from the customer of what we can provide them as a supplier of timber. I rate it as one of the best forms of marketing I have utilised for my business to date.

Chris Porcas, Forestrall
Primo Sule

In the first month of our Doodle Ad going live, our CareGiver enquiries went from 12 per month to over 80 - a 700% increase! The support and training from the Doodle Ads Team on how to use the video correctly in YouTube, how to use it in Social Media and so on has been invaluable. I highly recommend this to ANY business

Primo Sule, Home Instead
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